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Jun Li

Principal Architect
Jun Li is currently a Principal Architect at eBay. Since he joined eBay in January 2017, he has been leading the effort on monitoring and self-management of NuData, a geo-distributed transactional document store developed in eBay. The monitoring framework is to provide comprehensive visibility on health and performance of NuData, and to ensure high performance, high scalability and high availability of NuData in the cloud-based operational environment.

Before joining eBay, Jun spent 16 years in Hewlett Packard Labs at Palo Alto, with focus on large-scale distributed processing systems, covering innovative architectural and application features, scalable and high-performance run-time execution and monitoring, optimized algorithms that can run efficiently at scale, and system security guarantees.

Jun has 21 patents granted and 33 pending for his work done in the last 18 years. Jun received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000.